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Mental Health

We all know somebody that is dealing with the daily,moment battles of mental illness.  I am very much concern about the stigma connect to mental illnesses that people who have these health issues are violent. So now  because of the recent Parkland shootings . The murders of Americas many children is becoming to often . Yes ,this kid probably had a mental illness we do not know yet here is the thing everybody is violent and we have to make it easy for our kids our families to receive mental health checks just as easily they are making safe haven needle clinics for herione users. We have to remember that listening to one another is the biggest gift we can give each other in this day and time. Now that Andre Taylor and his family many local government  officials gotten the   De Escalate legislation and Police accountability 6613  passed recently Washington State has become the first state to pass a bill that will not only prosecute  unlawful killings. or hence removed the word malicious. Gives hope  funding in training how the police will have experts on call and more access to quick facilities for people who have or show signs of an mental illness.  The question remains are we going to send a message on gun reform. Changing law that was created in 1791 that does not apply to what society have to deal with today mass killings.

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